Network Security Solutions

Network Security Solutions

IT Solutions has proven competence in Network Security Risk Analysis and Management. Balanced hardening of an organization's security posture can only suitably mitigate quantified risks. Organizational or enterprise security must be addressed in a manner that justifies the Returns on Investment (ROI).

We bring to our clients a complete suite of Network security consulting services, enabling them to make informed decisions to safeguard their interests. These include:

Security Risk Analysis and Bench Marking

Application Code Security Review

Policy Audits and Formulation

External Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Information Security Audit

Unix / Windows Operating System

BAAN, SAP, People Soft And Lotus Notes

Database And Web Server

Wireless Networks

Physical Security Audits

Network Security Design and Implementation

* Digital Certificate And PKI Solutions


VPN Services

Secure Wireless Networks

- Corporate PKI Implementation

Root CA / Licensed CA

PKI Assessment, Design, Vendor Evaluation

Digital Forensics and Cyber Fraud Investigations

Network Forensics

E-mail / Web Investigations

Hard Disk Forensics