Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

GlobalView helps a leading information services provider with quality assurance

GlobalView helped a leading information services provider accelerate its product development by automating its testing process across channels of products developed via its quality assurancecontent delivery platform, ensuring quicker time-to-market for its new product lines.

The Customer: GlobalView’s client is a leading provider of information and business intelligence for students, professionals and institutions in the legal, tax, finance and healthcare industries. Its biggest customers include traditional publishers of legal reference tools, textbooks and electronic information providers.

Business Challenge:

The client’s electronic content delivery and publishing platform comprises a set of services, standards and process guidelines to support the legal, tax and regulatory online product development for different business units and delivery value chains. The company wanted to accelerate its product development through the content delivery platform to tap into markets across geographies.

Changing customer demand had also led to the need for the simultaneous development of multiple products across new delivery channels like mobility, portlets, etc. However, it was unable to reuse the existing test cases for web services as these were changing over the releases. This led to long manual regression cycles, high automation test re-scripting effort and large gaps in testing. This also meant that the company was unable to assess and guarantee the performance on every release.

GlobalView’s Solution:

GlobalView took charge of the entire platform testing process. We performed quality assurance activities of the platform UI and web services involving unit, system and performance testing. Then we developed different approaches for effective automated regression testing. The test scripts were made reusable to assess the performance on every release and identify major bottlenecks.


GlobalView’ automated testing solutions kept pace with the company’s burgeoning regression testing needs, eliminating the need to increase testing manpower. Using the automated testing approach, we ensured that the company was able to reuse test cases across releases and multiple devices and that regression test scripts required minimal maintenance, enabling multiple releases with a single test case repository.

Our testing services have resulted in annual cost savings with the following:

Automation of 40% regression test cases in web services Reduction in test effort by 30% with the introduction of web services testing