Application Management Services

Application Management Services

Application Service Management (ASM) is an emerging discipline within systems management that focuses on monitoring and managing the performanceLifecycle management service and quality of service of business transactions.

ASM can be defined as a well-defined process and use of related tools to detect, diagnose, remedy and report the service quality of complex business transactions to ensure that they meet or exceed end-users’ Performance measurements relate to how fast transactions are completed or information is delivered to the end user by the aggregate of applications, operating systems, hypervisors (if applicable), hardware platforms, and network interconnects. The critical components of ASM include application discovery & mapping, application "health" measurement & management, transaction-level visibility, and incident-related triage.

ASM is related to Application Performance Management (APM), but serves as a more pragmatic, "top-down" approach that focuses on delivery of business services. In strict definition, ASM differs from APM in two critical ways.

Our Application Outsourcing Services Portfolio includes:

Application Management – Offers a wide range of support services for various platforms and technologies

Application Maintenance – Maximizes your existing IT applications through offshore-ability analysis, maintainability analysis, maintenance and enhancement

Application Development – Helps you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements

Application Modernization – Helps modernize legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption and lower costs

Application Portfolio Management – Helps you decide on a portfolio strategy and then assess and govern the portfolio on an ongoing basis

Packaged Application Services – Helps you automate your value chain through off-the-shelf application packages. We enable you to harvest value through innovative and configurable package-centric solutions

Performance Engineering and Enhancement – Enhances the performance and scalability of applications across the technology stack and application lifecycle

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Realization – Helps organizations design, develop, test and deploy services to realize a SOA.

Solution Architecture Definition – Defines the solution architecture required to implement business solutions to meet business requirements, and ensures that the solutions are aligned with the enterprise architecture

Solution Architecture Assessment – Offers a complete architectural analysis and assessment of your IT application, focusing on Quality of Service (QOS) parameters such as scalability, performance, interoperability, and usability

Testing and Validation Services – Helps clients across industry verticals build tomorrow's Quality Assurance (QA) enterprise through a combination of transformation models, offerings to address the changing technology landscape, framework for package-testing-led business transformation and new engagement models.

How GlobalView delivers business value

GlobalView works with you to identify the best solutions to achieve your strategic goals.

We collaborate with the top technology vendors to provide end-to-end consulting, integration, and management services that lead to enhanced efficiency, business flexibility, and cost optimization.

Application Services at GlobalView can be identified in six distinct categories: Enterprise Application,Business Collaboration,Enterprise Business Integration,Enterprise Architecture,Enterprise Security Solutions,Testing Services.