Life Cycle Management Services

Life Cycle Management Services

Life Cycle Management Services imbibe a holistic view of ‘creation’ processes within an organization and invest in thought leadership and implementation lifecycle managementof those concepts through transformation and IT enablement of those processes.

Lifecycle Management Service(LMS) is an approach to post sales service that helps organizations look at service opportunities proactively as a continuous process rather than discrete events, ensuring that products continue to perform as expected. The bundling of products with services could create new business opportunities making LMS an important component of growth.

Chance and Challenges

GlobalView's integrated LMS platform is uniquely designed to facilitate best-in-class capabilities in the post sales service space. Our vendor agnostic data model ensures that all pieces of the SLM universe talk seamlessly with each other and the integration efforts in real implementation are low.

Some salient features of this platform include:

Analytics Driven Insights
Remote Monitoring
Flexible pricing models offering reduced service costs

How GlobalView delivers business value

GlobalView's LMS business platform combines BPO and cloud to provide a one stop solution at lowered cost, lowered risk and unmatched outcomes. It helps service organizations realize the following benefits:

Higher service revenue
Better customer satisfaction
Improved service profitability