High Technology Industry

High Technology

High Technology High-tech manufacturing is characterized by intense competition, continuous product innovation and swift response to market demands. Solutions that high-techprovide enhanced value by coupling the product and the support is hugely sought after by clients. Organizations are focusing on global sourcing strategies to design and manage different geographical locations and complex manufacturing processes.

Chances and Challenges

Uninterrupted development of technology: Sociotechnological forces like the shift from desktop to mobile computing, the emergence of developing economies, the personalization of customer engagements, and increasing bandwidth have created an enormous opportunity for high-tech enterprises to innovate their business models, product lines, and customer service processes.

Core vs. context: Now, more than ever, high-tech enterprises need to focus on what they do best: understand the market and build for the future. For the rest, there are partners whether it's product assembly, third-party logistics, or payroll. This helps reduce capital expenditure, addresses variability of business, and ensures that the focus stays where it should on the core.

Supply chain complexity: Outsourced manufacturing bases, forecasting demand, exponential SKU growth, and a global customer base are variables that add to the challenging task of managing an increasingly complex high-tech supply chain. But this supply chain also holds the key to customer satisfaction, inventory turns, and most importantly: operational effectiveness.

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