Compliance Consulting Services

Compliance Consulting Services

Global companies must operate within a complex environment of constantly changing laws and regulations. These laws and regulations affect virtually Compliance Consulting Servicesevery aspect of business activity, including:

Financial reporting and internal controls Corruption and fraud Information protection and security Environmental protection Employee health, safety and working conditions Fair trade practices, advertising and pricing Product labeling, handling, and shipping Privacy and release of information Intellectual property Cross border trade, tariffs and duties

Determining which regulations apply to your business and how you can demonstrate ongoing compliance requires a significant investment in compliance management policies, structures, systems and processes.

GlobalView’s Compliance Management Solution Can Help. We can help your company understand the impact of regulatory requirements, and we can design and establish appropriate compliance processes, systems and controls. We can also test and validate the effectiveness of your controls.

An IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards) conversion requires a fundamental business decision regarding the extent to which management performance measures are allowed to diverge from the reported results of the enterprise. To manage this complex, interconnected process effectively, a business has to explore the implications of changing not only its financial and tax reporting, but also examine processes as diverse as budgeting and forecasting, human resources and compensation, and hedging and other financial contracts.

How GlobalView delivers business value

GlobalView Consulting Services will examine your organization across all major functions – including Finance, IT, Legal, Tax, HR and Investor Relations – to create an IFRS implementation roadmap.

As a next step, we will lay out the bridging document to detail the significant process and technical gaps to be covered when moving from the Local GAAP to IFRS. Finally, we will help you implement the identified changes, aiming for a gradual transition into the IFRS world. the key benefits of this service are:

Improved comparability across markets and geographies

Realignment of current accounting policies and procedures

Streamlined and consolidated legacy accounting and ERP systems