Networking Solutions

Networking Solutions

IT Solutions provides professional services and expert knowledge for every phase of a network structure. We have experience with vendors of all hardware and networking companies like 3com, Cisco, Compaq, IBM, and Microsoft. IT Solutions can provide advanced network systems architecture, leading-edge applications, streamlined communications, and cost-effective network solutions.

IT Solutions works closely with the client to devise a detailed plan that will define what will be delivered to the client as well as how the success of the project will be measured. We perform various progress reviews to insure that all projects meet and exceed the client's objectives in a timely manner. Following are the various phases of a Network Structure Design & Implementation:


We provide clients with a detailed review of their current network structure and future network requirements. We can also help clients plan a network structure from the ground up. Following are some of the details of Network Planning.

Defining Requirements

Preparing plans for the Physical Network

Selecting Proven Technology

Performing Network Baseline Audits

Conducting Network Security Audits


We assist clients with their physical network, as well as their logical and operational network. The design phase produces detailed network specifications aimed at archiving the client's objectives. The design phase also talked into account how to integrate new technology into the client's existing system. Some of the major steps in design are as follows:

Defining functional requirements

Developing plans for integration

Preparing technical denomination

Providing detailed descriptions of component needs


The network implementation phase of the network structure includes services such as project management, IP addressing and router configuration. We use techniques to integrate new network systems without disrupting usual operations of everyday business. Steps used in the implementation phase are as follows:hardware1

Building centers for network operations and management

Implementing a high-speed backbone network

Implementing remote access technology

Re-configuring and/or upgrading network systems