Chemical Industries


The chemicals industry covers a broad spectrum, from base and specialty chemicals to automotive and electronics chemicals. It is a strictly chemicalregulated, unpredictable industry, especially in an uncertain economic environment. The right technology and accounting software for the chemicals industry provide chemical companies with efficient business processes to help them efficiently manage investments, profit margins, mergers and acquisitions, and general accounting practices.

Global chemical manufacturers partner with Global View to develop and execute global strategies, manage complexity and risk, and drive innovation. We offer solutions across the value chain - solutions that are simpler to implement, faster to integrate and deliver returns on your investment sooner.

Chances and Challenges

Today, the highly-competitive chemical industry faces various challenges such as rising energy costs, compliance and regulatory issues, increased demand for profitability and capital productivity, and higher customer expectations. These challenges are further compounded by mergers and acquisitions and the recent slow down. In such a complex business environment, innovation and collaboration with customers, suppliers and solution providers is essential to remain competitive and provide value to stakeholders.

How GlobalView delivers business value

GlobalView delivering process simulation software and consulting services to the chemical,energy, & oil, gas industries worldwide.Global View are used to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment.Global View continuously develops innovative software and has become a recognized player on the international market.