Performance Engineering Services

Performance Engineering Services

Performance engineering within systems engineering, encompasses the set of roles, skills, activities, practices, tools, and deliverable's applied at every Performance Engineering Servicesphase of the systems development life cycle which ensures that a solution will be designed, implemented, and operationally supported to meet the non-functional performance requirements defined for the solution.

It may be alternatively referred to as software performance engineering or application performance engineering within software engineering. As the connection between application success and business success continues to gain recognition, particularly in the mobile space, application performance engineering has taken on a preventative and perfective role within the software development life cycle. As such, the term is typically used to describe the processes, people and technologies required to effectively test non-functional requirements, ensure adherence to service levels and optimize application performance prior to deployment.

Chance and Challenges Proactively addressing performance management as part of the development, maintenance, and production lifecycle of your organization’s IT systems Tools and strategies that help enterprises optimize systems and improve system performance

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