System Integration Services

System Integration Services

System Integration Service (SIS) is defined as the process of bringing together the component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystemsSystem Integration Services function together as a system.In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally,to act as a coordinated whole.

The system integrator brings together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management or manual programming.

Chance and Challenges Complex technologies and changing business environments are among the main challenges organizations face on their path to growth. Understanding the complexities of the IT environment, GlobalView extends our expertise in system integration to ensure that the technology is in line with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization.

How GlobalView delivers business value

Our integration services include consultancy, system integration and project management of IT services that provide:

Application and enterprise systems integration

Business continuity planning

Contact center infrastructure

Data centers

Disaster recovery services

Enterprise management

Network integration

Platform integration

Retail automation

Security infrastructure