Re-Engineering Services

Re-Engineering Services

Changes in the business, regulatory and technological environment can necessitate changes or a migration in an organization’s legacy IT systems. We help reengineeringour clients update and renovate their business-critical applications so that their software systems are in synch with a change in business requirements, modernization of technological infrastructure, and changes in the regulatory rules.

Through reverse engineering and system renovation, we assist in enhancing, upgrading, migrating, or porting enterprise applications and information systems for our clients.We have the acumen and skills required for the complex process of reengineering large software systems that may have been developed and maintained by different teams.

Chance and Challenges

We, at GlobalView, provide application re-engineering services to achieve the following:
Re-use investments in legacy applications
Understand the pain points in legacy applications
Perform source application portfolio analysis / reverse engineering to create use cases for target application
Forward engineer or build in target technologies using the latest application development products and tools

How GlobalView delivers business value

Avoid package implementation, which requires significant business process changes

Retain intellectual investments in legacy application to leverage proven and unique business processes

Improve time-to-market for new channels, products, services and compliance changes, with modern technologies

Spend more on strategic initiatives with a modernized portfolio

Mitigate risk by exiting from non-strategic and unsupported legacy technologies